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Optimize your Study Coordination and Planning

Your efficiency depends on the streamlined coordination and planning of studies and study activities. With custom software tying in to your processes, you can optimize workflows, reduce risks and increase employee effectiveness and job satisfaction. Digitize and automate each step from study planning and coordination to creating daily worksheets for your laboratories. 

How can we help grow your business?

Automate your workflows, optimize your processes, with custom research management software.

Rendering of support staff
Optimize your processes with custom software tailored to your needs. The software adapts to you and your requirements
Automate processes to reduce error rates and increase employee satisfaction by removing laborious and repetitive tasks.
By optimizing and automating your processes, you free resources for internal growth. In addition, growing your workforce and training is simplified.


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QPS – Neuropharmacology

Custom software for
 - Study planning and coordination
 - Work plan creation
 - Auditing


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Benedict Wright Ph.D.
Founder and chief engineer.
With many years of experience in various fields of software engineering, it is my mission to find the optimum solution for your business. 


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